What is Spiral Stabilization?

Spiral stabilization is a unique rehabilitation method that has been developed by a Czech medical doctor since 1979. It is based on exercising muscle chains, improving posture and strengthening the core muscles so that muscular harmony and symmetry are restored.

Its main difference is that it focus on the spiral muscle chains strengthening which pulls the body and the spine upwards.

It is composed of simple exercises that can be comfortably performed at home or in a studio under the supervision of your therapist.

What is Spiral Stabilization for?

Spiral Stabilization effectively treats spinal disorders and disorders in the main joints. Which means that it treats conditions like back, neck, shoulder and hip pain, chronic pain, sciatica, disc herniation, scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, headaches, migraines, flat feet, hallux valgus, back pain in pregnancy and more.

It is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that achieves lasting results, especially for clients with disc herniation and scoliosis.

At the same time, Spiral stabilization prevents poor posture and degeneration of the spine and large joints. A sedentary lifestyle leads to severe muscle imbalances, which are the main cause of disc herniation, scoliosis and all the conditions listed above.

Scoliosis currently affects 5-10% of the child population; in more severe cases, it is necessary to wear a special medical corset and undergo surgical treatment. Regular exercise can prevent spinal surgery and help achieve visible improvement. Using this rehabilitation method, we are now able to treat patients with curves greater than 40 degrees Cob’s angle, who used to be indicated for stabilization surgery.

The Spiral Stabilization method is also used by a number of top athletes as fitness training in order to achieve better results and prevent overload. This exercise doesn’t only strengthen muscles, but it also stretches them. In addition, it significantly lengthens the pace and speeds up the run. Quality fitness training doesn’t only prevent damage to the musculoskeletal system, but also significantly improves athletic performance.

How does Spiral Stabilization work?

The principle of this method is that spiral muscle chains stretch the body and spine upwards during exercise. As a result, the vertebrae distance from each other and the pressure on the intervertebral discs and joints is reduced which enables their nutrition, regeneration and treatment.

Spiral stabilization requires the use of a special elastic cord, which allows extensive movement of limbs against a small, gradually increasing force. Thanks to this, you can strengthen and stretch all important muscles respecting the natural movement of your body.

Who can do Spiral Stabilization?

The method is suitable for children (from 5 years of age), adults, the elderly and athletes.

Also for pregnant women whom this method helps to relieve back strain and make childbirth easier and quicker. It is a path to the health of the mother and child.

So basically it can be used by anyone who wishes to improve their posture, treat back pain, treat disorders in the spine or main joints, prevent injuries, maintain good health and well-being or to improve sports conditioning.